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BA Fashion Panel Discussion 


Panel discussion with Central Saint Martins BA fashion Class of 2021

Featuring: Karoline Oak, Rosa Kim and Faris Bennani

Hosted by Augustine Hammond 

Edited by Patrick Auton 

After an unprecedented academic year, this group of graduates have been faced with challenges that no other fashion students have ever experienced. With restricted studio access and lack of technical support, these designers have had to adapt massively over the past year.


For a bit of context, luckily Central Saint Martins re-opened its doors in early March and allowed students back into the studios. However, the first half of the year was taught almost solely online. This year’s final hand-in was entirely digital and up until recently, there was uncertainty about whether a physical show could actually happen.

Watch Karoline, Rosa and Faris discuss their inspirations, aspirations, collections, coping mechanisms and campaign films below:


Image Credits in order of apperance:

Faris Bennani, graduate collection sketchbook developments and illustrations, 2021

Faris Bennani, Sketchbook, 2.jpeg
Faris Bennani, Sketchbook, 1.jpeg


Karoline Oak, graduate collection sketchbook developments and illustrations, 2021

Karoline Oak Collection, 1.jpeg


Rosa Kim, graduate collection sketchbook developments and illustrations, 2021

003 inspiration 03 copy.jpg
019 LINE UP copy.jpg


Faris Bennani, graduate collection look book, 2021

Faris Bennani Images, 1..jpeg
WhatsApp Image 2021-05-28 at 6.20.00 PM.
Faris Bennani Images, 2..jpeg
WhatsApp Image 2021-05-28 at 6.19.58 PM.


Karoline Oak, graduate collection campaign film stills, 2021

Karoline Oak Collection, 3.png
Karoline Oak Collection, 4.png


Rosa Kim, graduate collection shoot, Richmond Park, 2021

Rosa Colour011-min.jpg
Rosa Colour015-min.jpg
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