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Saturday 5th January 2019 

FLASH FORWARD across dimensions to the year 2045, British-born fashion designer Liam Hodges presents his 7th consecutive stand-alone collection at London Fashion Week Men’s 2019, titled “Mutations in the 4th Dimension.”


Since graduating from The Royal College of Art in 2013 and debuting with Fashion East in 2014, Hodges has progressed in leaps and bounds, now indisputably a dominant figure in the somewhat stagnant London men’s fashion scene. Renowned and praised by his followers for the graphic and often gaudy style of his designs, this season Hodges most certainly did not disappoint.


For Autumn Winter 2019 Hodges continued his investigation into our generation’s obsession with technology, translated through references to the 4th dimension. Backstage, following the show, Hodges expressed, “The collection explores a number of things, the 4th dimensional aspect, the tesseracts, living cyborgs, it all relates to the tech obsessive life we live in now.”


As expected Hodges presented bold prints, graphic t-shirts, patch working and oversized silhouettes in a decisively brave colour pallet. However, unlike before this season there was a twist. Hodges explained, “for us, it being our last season for NEWGEN, we wanted to level up. We wanted to move forward from what we are known for, still retaining the core but pushing it further.” Through this mind-set Hodges developed the collection applying the 4th dimensional theory. “We began designing,” Hodges explained, “seeing what everything looked liked from every angle and then eventually reigned it all in.”


Hodges used the geometry of the tesseract – “a four dimensional square that can be drawn in 2D, but can’t be seen in all four of it’s dimensions by the naked eye” – as a the basis for the design of the collection. As well as incorporating a series of prints developed from images of microscopic salt crystals, for the ski-wear range in collaboration with sportswear label Ellesse.


The collection as a whole had a sense of unity. Despite clashing of colour, print and fabric, all the processes Hodges had used in previous collections were compiled to create a new look, one that would dress the inhabitants of the future 4th dimension fittingly.


The elaborate themes within Liam Hodges’ work are something that season-after-season he executes with such wit and conviction, ensuring that he is heard – loud and clear - amongst the noise of men’s fashion. Perhaps bringing a new wave to fashion week in more ways than one.

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